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Earth is invaded by the friendly Boov, who relocate us to nice Candyland type communities. Tip (Rihanna) a savvy seventh grader is left behind. She runs into outcast and fugitive Oh (Jim Parsons) who go on a mission to locate her mom and save the planet from being destroyed by a death star.

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Once again we visit two tried and true plot devices: Stranger in a Strange Land and The Hero’s Journey. This colorful and humorous outing is directed by Tim Johnson (“Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas”) with a screenplay written by Tom Astle and Matt Ember (“Epic”) based on the novel by Adam Rex.

This animated PG movie from DreamWorks is entertaining; even the title sequence has a good laugh. Of course the adults find this story more predictable than the children; on the other hand adults are amused by many, many bits that go right over the youngsters’ heads (e.g., a reference to metric tools).