Tao of Jeet Kune Do


Tao of Jeet Kune Do is perhaps one of the most prolific pieces of work, done by one of the greatest martial artist of our time. I personally have owned this book for over thirty years. It highlights Bruce Lee’s training and philosophy on fighting.


Product Description

Tao of Jeet Kune Do is a masterpiece of Bruce Lee, the dragon’s life work as it relates to martial arts and even his philosophy on life. It was the product of his many years of re-inventing various aspects of his art and assimilating what was useful and discarding what was not.

You can challenge yourself to find any other martial artist that devoted his very essence to the study and practice of dozens of martial arts styles and systems from all over the world. In fact, Master Lee had over two thousand books on the pugilistic arts. Yes in fact He believed in not adding too much to what you already had in terms of systems, but instead find that which is useful and fits you. In other words, your own freedom or liberation.

I am sure that most who follow is life can remember him saying ‘Honestly martial arts to me is expressing one’s self’. And this is exactly what he did in his films, was express himself, and you can see the physical transformation of his body from the earlier films such as Fist of Fury and Chinese Connection to his masterpiece Enter the Dragon.

In Tao of Jeet kune Do, Lee touches on virtually all of the major arts, in their principles and concepts. As a result of his findings he introduces new developments such as the five ways of attack, his bent knee phasic stance, the lead shuffle along with other evasive maneuvers and the blast.