Ant-Man 2-Disc 3D BD Combo Pack [Blu-ray]


Scott Lang embraces his inner hero to save the world in Ant-Man.

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Marvel’s 12th installment to the their Cinematic Universe finally introduces one of their most obscure character’s The “Ant-Man” to the big screen and its without a doubt the funniest comedy i’ve seen in a while and unlike its much more convoluted predecceser “Age Of Ultron” (Which to be honest had little to no focus and was completely all over the place, despite the fact that i really enjoyed “Age of Ultron”. The second Avengers film is clearly a sign that marvel film studios is starting to collapse in on itself.) This movie has focus and it knows what it is and its a Super Hero/Heist movie. The action is beautiful the visual effects are absolutely Flawless and gorgeous to look at, the suit is amazing such craftsman ship and care that went into the film is just wonderful. The cast in this movie is incredible Paul Rudd (Absolutely Hysterical) , Micheal Douglas (Best performance hands down) everyone was great! SEE IT.